Our beekeeping initiative trains & supports women to become skilled beekeepers, community leaders, trainers & entrepreneurs, through our sustainable beekeeping training model with expert field practitioners. Alleviating poverty by creating Beekeepers For Life in rural communities across Uganda.


Rural women throughout Uganda have encountered many barriers to becoming beekeepers, from its perception as an all-male domain and a lack of capital to access training and purchase hives and bee suits. Women also are disadvantaged with little if any economic independence and huge economic pressures in providing food security as crop yields diminish, as well as healthcare and education for their children.


SCOEN empowers women through beekeeping. We educate and train women in rural villages to become beekeepers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. We aim to see family lives changed as the women learn new skills which provide a sustainable income and livelihood. We see natural environments improved through conservation and crop yields increased through pollination. We aim to increase women’s level of economic independence, improve their position in society and build a strong community of beekeepers.

Long-Term Impact

The project will support 1,300 young mothers to increase their income from honey and honey byproducts, empowering them to have more access to healthcare and social services, nutritional food, and educational opportunities that will improve their lives. With more bees in the community, more trees and crops planted to support them, food production increases, the effects of climate change and deforestation are reduced, and the overall environmental quality of the area improves.

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