GBV Legal Represantion Fund For Refugees Uganda

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About GBV Legal Representation Fund

The purpose of the fund is aimed at helping the victims of Gender Based Violence in Uganda by facilitating legal representation for Gender Based Violence Victims. This will involve assisting victims in reporting their cases and fighting their cases in court. Most victims of GBV rarely report their cases because they are not sure of their legal rights or because the justice system refuses to believe victims.


According to UNHCR, 81% of Uganda’s 1.4 million refugees are women and children, who are at high risk of gender-based violence (GBV), including sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), rape, forced and child marriage, and intimate partner violence (IPV). Majority of Gender Based Violence cases by refugees are either not reported or if reported, they never end up in court. Our justice system is quick to believe the perpetrators and subsequently the victims never end up reporting their cases.


SCOEN would like funding to provide legal representation/support to the women & girls in refugees setting who are not able to afford legal assistance. We want to give a voice to the voice less. A lot of the victims of gender based violence come from impoverished areas and through our program we would like to educate women & girls on their rights and what legal action they can take.

Long-Term Impact

This project will educate refugee girls and women on their legal rights. The project will also provide the victims with the courage and support to report the perpetrators. This will help end the scourge of gender based violence in the refugee host communities as well.

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