We approach the problem of child marriage utilizing a multi-dimensional approach – addressing education, gender based-violence, social norms, and providing income generation opportunities. Commitment to children, adolescent girls and young women living a life of equality, justice and dignity, and the solutions we develop to support these are sustainable in the long-term.

Our Strategies 

Strengthen Leadership and Confidence

Comprehensive trainings, Mentorship & Counselling, Leadership trainings & Camps

SCOEN empowers in-school adolescent girls to be leaders; reach their full educational potentials; and make healthy and informed choices. Our program provides girls with the skills, knowledge, tools, mentorship, and support to develop their self-confidence and voice to thrive as leaders in their schools and communities.
  1. 87% of girls now can refuse unwanted sexual attention
  2. 96% of girls believe in their power to improve their lives
  3. 37% girls are holding leadership positions in their schools