Globally, one in five girls are denied an education by the daily realities of poverty, violence and discrimination. Every day, girls are taken out of school, married far too young, and subjected to violence.

Why Adolescent Girls and Young Women?

Improve the daily lives of girls but also to advance their position and value in society, whilst actively. We believe that investing in and uplifting children, youth—especially girls and young women— is the solution to our world’s complex issues.

  • Did you know that girls in poor communities often miss school because of a lack of clean water in their village?
  • This important initiative is crucial. For many girls and women in the country, gender discrimination is all too common.
  • A growing poverty rate, poor-performing schools, and teen violence make it tough to be a girl growing up in the Uganda.
  • Millions of girls are subjected to abuse, child labor, sex trafficking, child marriage, and other offenses.
Girls’ rights and gender equality

Challenging social norms and attitudes to achieve trans-formative change for girls and their communities.

Girls in Leadership

We have a vision that all girls and young women will be able to participate in decision-making processes that affect them by 2030. All too often, girls are denied a say, left unrepresented and left behind. Barriers that prevent girls from effectively participating need to be removed to ensure their voices are heard.

Girls in Education

We have a vision that all girls will have access to a quality education and opportunities for lifelong learning by 2030. All girls have the right to a quality, safe, formal education, access to lifelong learning and the opportunity to develop the skills they need to get good jobs.

Girls Making Decisions

We have a vision that all girls will have the right to decide their futures by 2030. All girls have the right to make important decisions about their sexual health and well-being. This includes deciding when and who to marry or have children.

We approach the problem of child marriage utilizing a multi-dimensional approach – addressing education, gender based-violence, social norms, and providing income generation opportunities. Commitment to children, adolescent girls and young women living a life of equality, justice and dignity, and the solutions we develop to support these are sustainable in the long-term.

Our Strategies

Adolescent School Based Program

Our program is an in-school program that focuses on building adolescent girls’ capacities for individual empowerment and social flourishment, especially in patriarchal environments that do not value and respect the rights of girls and women. Tackling gender inequalities head-on to ensure that women and girls become advocates for their human rights and build their self-esteem, autonomy, and self-worth

  • Comprehensive trainings
  • Mentorship & Counselling
  • Leadership trainings &
  • Camps.

Boys and Men Engagement

Our program engages boys and men so that they have the mentorship, space, and awareness to form positive masculine identities and become allies of gender equality and equip them with the knowledge and information to challenge deeply-held gender normative attitudes and beliefs and improve their knowledge around key areas such as sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender-based violence.

  • SRH service provision
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Educational campaigns
  • Social media engagement.

Transform Unequal Gender Norms

Girls and young women need to be included in making decisions, from the household level to the national level where laws are made for all Ugandans. Beliefs that limit girls and young women need to be changed by sharing information so that all people know the importance of girls and young women in society and how they contribute to safer, healthier and more advanced communities.

  • Male engagement
  • Gender-based violence prevention
  • Media & campaigns
  • Gender sports matches.
Girls Parliament dialogue to End Child Marriage
Our journey is in driving change to advance children’s rights and equality for girls by working with children, young people, our supporters and partners in all aspects; investing in and uplifting youth—especially children, girls and young women— is the solution to our world's complex issues.

Join Our Team?

We are extremely grateful to all our donors and partners who support and encourage us to transform the lives of children, girls, and young women in Uganda. SCOEN is always looking for new people to join our cause for children's, women’s and girls’ empowerment and education. Together, we are building a vibrant movement of young people, women, and girl leaders. We could not do our work without your incredible support.

Our Dedicated Team

Professional & Friendly Team Members

BE A CHANGE MAKER | Give|HOPE – Join the movement to end child poverty

Your donation will support SCOEN’s vital work to advance children’s rights and equality for girls’ growth and development, which will put them on the path toward breaking the pervasive cycles of poverty in their slum communities and also have bright future in their career. Especially Destitute Girl Children will be protected from Child marriages, trafficking, domestic servant maids.

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