Early childhood care and development (ECCD) is not given due attention at national level and this trickles down to community and household level. Resource allocation to ECD by Uganda’s ministry of Education and Sports is the missing link. This leaves ECD mostly in the hands of the private proprietors especially in the urban areas.

Miroi Child Restoration Centre aims to education, provide care & support to 180 orphans, sickle cell, HIV/AID infected and affected children education, health, shelter. The Centre will have 5 Care Takers, 6 Teachers. Abandoned Orphans getting food, education, uniforms, clothes. Children are to access to sports & games, computer skills training at the CDCwill host both pre-primary and primary section. By donating online to SCOEN build the future of the needy children.


We identified the actual facts found by doing baseline survey in our targeted villages are due to the Deaths of AIDS affected persons, child marriage and re-marriage of Widowed/ Divorce women, Absence of love and security, Unwanted pregnancy of Sexually exploited girls; many children are left fatherless without care & support. Many of children are involved in child labour pick pocketing, begging & participating in anti-social, criminal activities to earn a living.


By seeing perilous juncture of vulnerable children pedantically as per the need, CDC providing education, care & support for 180 children for their prodigious future with quality education, job oriented technical skills, clothing, health, hygienic shelter. Children schooling, receiving health benefits, cosmetics, & scholastic materials every year. This initiative covers 180 vulnerable children, accessing to nutrition diet, sports, games, extracurricular activities.

Long-Term Impact

Project has prospective, impact in main streaming of children. Their basic needs are met & they will get new life through gaining knowledge, vocational, life skills. They get love & affection from caretakers, staff of Centre and being friendly with inmates. Vulnerable Children self-reliance increasing & becoming good assets to nation. They are developed physically & psychologically & made as good & productive citizens. They will inspire by philanthropy & show humanity towards the community.

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