Women and girls around the world should have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. They should be free from the threat of violence. 

SCOEN’s Women Empowerment Initiative supports many women across the Teso Sub Region in Uganda. We support them to have power and a voice. To recover from violence. To live a life of dignity and opportunity.

Globally, one in three women experience violence in their lifetime.

How do we empower women?

SCOEN supports women to have a voice and to be able to make informed decisions that affect their lives. We empower women within their homes, communities and beyond. We also work with women and men to challenge violence against women.
Our women empowerment programmes are based on an approach that works at many levels. We support people at individual, local and societal level. We bring about change in people’s homes and communities.

SCOEN takes actions that contribute towards to women empowerment

We provide psychological and legal support to survivors of violence,
We work with men and women to change attitudes and behaviours,
We help women to achieve their basic needs and to earn a living,
We support women to participate equally in decision-making at all levels,
We empower women to become leaders,
We advocate for laws that protect women and respect their rights and dignity.

We support them to have power and a voice.

Women and girls experience widespread discrimination in every aspect of their lives. At school. In society. In politics. At work. Sexual harassment and the threat of violence is a daily reality.
This discrimination is wrong. It traps women and girls in poverty.
Young women on liquid soap making training
Girls and young women participating sanitary pad making

To live a life of dignity and opportunity.

Gender equality means equal human rights. Equal responsibilities. Equal opportunities. Equal treatment for women and men. With gender equality, women and girls can reach their full potential.
Gender equality means everyone benefits. Not only individuals, but whole communities and entire countries. Gender equality leads to better education and health. It promotes economic growth for all.

With individual women: We build confidence and self-esteem. We increase knowledge and skills.
Within households: We work towards shared decision making within the household. Shared control of household wealth.
Within communities: We build positive attitudes for gender equality. Challenge negative attitudes. Demand rights and equal participation of women.

Our programme also reduces the risk of violence to women and girls. For survivors of violence, we provide support, recovery and social change. We also engage men to improve attitudes towards violence against women.

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